A Family Reunion

In 1959, Richard Lowry saw a newspaper ad about the exciting new field of hearing aid sales. Never one to pass up an adventure, Richard left his stable job and responded to the ad. Shortly thereafter, Lowry Hearing Aid Services was founded. The rest, as they say, is history.

Economy Hearing was founded in 1989 by John Bachman. One thing you have to know about John is that he is a born entrepreneur. Early on, everyone knew he would do big things in the world of business. At the age of 18 he took a tiny 7-11 convenience store that had failed under multiple franchisees and turned it into a top producer. By 20 he had owned and sold two more 7-11 locations. In 1978, John was introduced to the hearing aid industry by Richard Lowry – his future father-in-law. In the following decade, John branched out and expanded the hearing industry in many different ways, but always while working for someone else. In 1989, he combined his knowledge of the hearing industry and his natural entrepreneurship to form Economy Hearing. The rest, as they say again, is history…

Except those histories are now coming full circle.

Lowry Hearing and Economy Hearing are merging together. The next generation of the family is bringing all of Oklahoma under one unified banner – an expanded Economy Hearing.

For our existing patients of both Economy and Lowry, we want you to know that nothing is changing, other than we now have more locations for you to receive service throughout the state. Everything is staying in the family, you included 🙂 

Patient Reviews

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4.9 out of 5 Stars based on 415 Reviews on Google.

Gary was very helpful to my father and myself. He took the time to tell us about our hearing loss and what hearing aids we needed. We have both enjoyed hearing things that we haven't heard in years. Dad had got hearing aids from another company in town that didn't...

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David Means, on Google

I believe the name of the representative who helped me was Padula, that is close. She was most informative and helpful and I appreciate her help.

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Paul Cash, on Google

The hearing specialist is very knowledgeable. He help me understand more in depth the problems I was experiencing and did everything he could to improve my situation. I highly recommend Economy hearing.

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Neil Hull, on Google

Totally a great, positive experience! Ryan fixed me up in a very timely fashion with my new kickass rechargeable Starky’s!! He has a great personality and is someone who really has a lot of experience and is able to communicate and understand your specific needs! He keyed in on exactly...

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Katie Blunk DVM, on Google

I love my hearing aids, when I first received my new hearing aids I had a couple of issues with them I called economy Hearing and I didn't have to make an appointment I cruized down to the store got everything taken care very fast and was on my way....

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Shirleyn Law, on Google

I went for a hearing test today and met Cameron who was very informative and kind. He looked in my ears to exam them first. He explained that he could not to the hearing test due to a problem with my ears. He explained that I needed to be seen...

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Connie, on Google

Cameron is a very pleasant person and spent as much time as I needed to make sure I was fully comfortable with my hearing devices and that all my questions were answered and I understood that I could call him if I had any questions or concerns. I highly recommend...

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Flo Morgan, on Google

Everyone on time, pleasant and professional. Don't know how experience could have been better.

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Thomas Trow, on Google

Very friendly & professional staff. All my questions & concerns were addressed & answered in a manner that I understood. Will definitely recommend this place to others !! 😊❤️

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Jessie Hammond, on Google

The NICEST people EVER!!!! From phone calls to in person I was treated over the top amazing! Was such a pleasant experience all the way around!!!!! I absolutely recommend them!!! Going to take my mom there soon & recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you for your thoroughness &...

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Kelley Tucker, on Google

Seriously Economy Hearing saved me from a purchase of new hearing aids for my father! They fixed them at no charge! We definitely will be customers for a lifetime.

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Hayley Thompson, on Google

Mom has had healing aides for many years now. Her old audiologist had her visiting different ENT’s to try to improve her hearing. We saw Scott today at Economy Hearing Aides and he told her that her hearing loss was from her brain not processing the hearing and suggested she...

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Teresa Svedman, on Google

Scott went above and beyond to give me a great experience choosing the correct hearing aid and doing the leg work to make sure I received the best price available! Sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon the perfect place the first time. Many thanks to Scott and Amy!!

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gary mckaig, on Google

The people here are very concerned about the client. I got hearing aids online , they are the ones fitting them. Found out that what I heard and what the price was, was 2 different things. Because of that they could easily pushed me to take it, but they did...

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Magda Schmelzenbach, on Google

Scott and Amy are GREAT!! First of all they make you feel at home and you have been knowing one another for years. Their professionalism and attention to detail for all your hearing needs are superb. I would highly recommend their hearing services to all

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Phil Gauthe, on Google

Hi!! My name is Jo Baker and I’m the caregiver for my 86 year old mother Reba Knapp… She was fitted with Starkey hearing aids in June 2022.. I wasn’t there when she went for an appt in Ft Smith AR… I moved her in with me shortly after and...

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Jo Baker, on Google

My puppy chewed one of my hearing aids and I was able to call Economy Hearing and they ordered me a new one. It came in within a week! They set an appointment for me to come in and pick it up and adjusted everything according to how it was...

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Debbie Priebe, on Google

Everyone in the office is very nice and very knowledgeable. It has been a pleasure able experience. So far they have been better than mirical ear.

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Dennis Burnett, on Google

Lori Whitman and her assistant at the south western office are the most courteous and professional people I know. Lori has always been able to work me in very quickly to address any issues with my hearing aids. Most of the time it has been operator malfunction if you know...

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Randy Gregg, on Google

My visit at Lowry Economy Hearing today was very satisfying. Treated like family and professionally taken care of. I left with my hearing aids working perfectly. Thanks so much!

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Alice Shenold, on Google

I lost cone on my right hearing aid. Called to set up an appointment to fix it. Instead of an appointment they had me come right in. They not only fixed it but also checked the fit and adjusted the sound volumes. Now that's what I call customer service.

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William Spens, on Google

Absolutely amazing people. I did not get a hearing test. The reason for this is because of the insurance that I have. The hearing test is free but the deductible for the hearing aids would be 3x the cost of one hearing aid. Mr. Lowry explained this to me trying...

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Doug Meier, on Google

Brent Lowry is a master of his profession and a good combination of hand-holder and reality revealer. He worked patiently with me to understand the hardware and software and the many ways the aids can be fine-tuned individually for me in a series of visits. I am now used to...

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michael graves, on Google

My wife, Cheryl, and I went to see Mr. Roger Moore at Economy Hearing for a hearing test with a view to probably getting a hearing aid for my wife. Before Roger did anything, he did a visual inspection of my wife’s ears and immediately said that he would not...

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Brian Stapp, on Google

Very impressed by the professional and individualized appointment. Our many questions were answered in great detail. We learned a great deal about the type of hearing loss we are dealing with and we left feeling really good about our new investment which clearly will make a huge difference to the...

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Liz Lesher, on Google