Nothing but the best

We are proud to be a licensed Starkey Hearing Technologies dealer offering their premiere brands – Audibel and Starkey.

Starkey Hearing Technologies is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world and the only privately held, American-owned company in the industry. They don't do technology for technology’s sake. From the technicians in their labs to the scientists, audiological researchers, and every employee at every level, Starkey continually seeks ways to better understand the science of hearing loss and its impact on people's lives — so they can continually develop better technologies to improve it.

Depending on which location of ours you visit, you will see either Audibel or Starkey branding. Both brands offer the same great products and features, just with different names. Since most of our locations are affiliated with Audibel, we've used their product names here on our website for the sake of simplicity. If you visit us in Enid, Tulsa, or one of our mobile clinics or service centers on the eastern side of the state, you will see Starkey branding. Below is a simple comparison of our current hearing aid platforms and how they correlate to one another in both brands:

Audibel Via Edge AI  =  Starkey Livio Edge AI

Audibel Via  =  Starkey Livio

Audibel DaVinci  =  Starkey Picasso

Audibel A4 iQ  =  Starkey Muse iQ

If you have any questions or concerns about our brands, please don't hesitate to contact us.