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At Economy Hearing, better hearing is our passion. It’s been proven that your hearing health is directly connected to your overall health. Hearing loss can reduce your quality of life by making communication more difficult, heightening stress, isolating you from society, and straining relationships with your family and friends. Through better hearing, we can help you live a happier and healthier life.

And there's never been a better time to take action. Right now, ALL of our incredible hearing aids are heavily marked down from MSRP.

Take the first step to better hearing by contacting us today to schedule your free consultation. We are dedicated to providing you the best experience in hearing care and will be with you every step of the way.

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Come see us at Economy Hearing for:

  1. A quality product: We are proud to be a licensed Starkey Hearing Technologies dealer. Starkey is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world and the only privately held, American-owned company in the industry. And with over $70 million invested in the research and development of their newest hearing aids, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best products on the market.
  2. A good deal: When we first opened our doors in 1989, we had one simple mission — to make hearing healthcare more affordable for more people. That mission is still the same today. In fact, our everyday prices are still typically half-off MSRP, if not more. Better yet, you'll never be asked to pay for cleanings, adjustments, or in-house repairs. We provide all those services free of charge.
  3. A company you can trust: We have been serving the people of Oklahoma for over 25 years. Over that time we’ve grown from a single-location business into the largest hearing aid dealer in the state, servicing more cities and communities than anyone else. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and with over 25,000 patients helped, we have approximately 50,000 ears of experience :)

What to expect at your appointment

The most difficult step in improving your hearing is the first one: recognizing you need to find out more about your hearing loss. After that, it’s easy. Simply schedule your free hearing consultation with us to get started. Your appointment will consist of these four steps:

  • Hearing Analysis

    We will visually examine your ears and test your hearing to determine the type of hearing loss you have. Your results will be illustrated in an audiogram that we will explain thoroughly.

  • Lifestyle Discussion

    We will ask you about the types of places and listening environments you frequent most often to determine the range of sound settings and technological features appropriate for your lifestyle.

  • Hearing Aid Options

    We will show you the different hearing aids that are designed for your level of hearing loss as well as your preferences for size, color, and invisibility.

  • Budget Discussion

    We will help you narrow down your choice of hearing aids based on the investment you are comfortable making. We will also check to see what insurance and/or financing options may be available to you. Many insurances now provide coverage for hearing aids. Some even cover 100% of the total cost.

Questions to ask

Here are some conversation-starting questions to ask when you come in for your appointment. We encourage you to think of some as well. We greatly value your input and desire to work together to make your hearing health journey as successful as possible.

  • How bad is my hearing loss?
  • Is it medically treatable?
  • Are there specific types of sounds I have more trouble with than others?
  • What are my options for treatment?
  • Would hearing aids help me?
  • Can you tell me what’s new in hearing aid technology?
  • Can I prevent further hearing loss from occurring?
  • Is there anything I can do on my own to hear better?

Huge savings

Right now you can save up to 53% off MSRP on our incredible, life-changing hearing aids. We've got every style and every technology heavily marked down.

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